Sweet dreams comes with good quality products

//Sweet dreams comes with good quality products

Sweet dreams comes with good quality products

We present our bedding- duvet and pillow-collection especially handmade
in Italy. Made to order exclusively to you.
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Warmth comes naturally

We believe that a good nights sleep comes with natural and high quality products. A Nordical way of living.

Cotton production is time consuming and Nordic Bespoke and partners are taking their responsibility to remain a sustainable cotton production. Working conditions and the environment in local societies is just as important as reducing water and chemicals.
A good nights sleep starts on the inside. Down is always a favourite as very few people like feathers to pop out of the pillow and stick you in the face. Nordic Bespokes partners will guarantee nice sleeps thanks to, EDFA( European Dow & Feather Associations, Nomite and Oeko -Tex. Another reason to choose down instead of synthetic filling is that down can stay cool in warm temperatures, so when you turn the pillow you get the delicious cold side to your chin.

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Dreamax pillow

Super soft, it’s ideal for front sleepers but can also be layered above a firmer-feeling pillow to provide side and back sleepers with an especially luxurious sleep experience.


Goosedown duvets

Geese and ducks produce the highest quality of feathers and down, which is extremely effective for heat insulation. A good duvet is light, soft and maintains its airness and optimal temperature and absorbs body moisture. Use Coupon: oktoberfest (by 20th of October)

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