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About Nordic Bespoke

We work continuously to find outstanding and comfortable products, for your everyday life. Our products are hand sourced from a handful suppliers from Italy, England and Scandinavia.

Nordic Bespoke was founded in 2017, on an idea of sharing experiences and culture. Norwegian and English collaborations goes long back in times. Being married to an Englishman, made me look upon opportunities and wanted to bring functional and beautiful products to Scandinavia. We will gladly help to guide you from various luxury handmade products. Going away from the mass production goods, we collaborate with small factories in England and Italy. We are proud to cooperate with a North-Italian manufacturer for down and bedding luxury products, and hereby introduce the bedding concept “Nordic Luxury bedding”.

We wish you a warm welcome and hope you enjoy the website. In close relationship with our partners, we continuously stay ahead and keep you updated.